Welcome to East Hill Friends Church

East Hill Friends Church

22600 116th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Pastor Paul Meier

As a Bible believing church, East Hill Friends loves and welcomes people as they are. We encourage a growing relationship with Christ, the discovering of His peace and the joy of serving Him in a broken world.

East Hill Friends Church

Worship time is Sunday 10:45 AM

What To Expect...
...when you come to a worship service at East Hill Friends Church

You can expect to find a few people gathered - we are a small congregation of diverse people who join in worship. You may notice many cars parked at various times. That is because one of our ministries is offering our building to other worship communities.

You can expect to see kids - we like kids!

You can expect to find people who are dressed informally - we are informal in our dress and in our relationships.

You can expect humor - we are not a stodgy group. We are serious about our faith but not afraid to have fun and laugh together.

You can expect to find people just being themselves - we are a group of real people. Quakers, by nature, attract folks who don't like pretense, pomp, and circumstance. We relish our freedom and acceptance in Christ.

You can expect to wait in silence - we traditionally spend some time during our worship letting the Spirit speak to us. When someone senses a prompting to speak during this time, he or she is free to do so.

You can expect to be surprised - yes, we are sometimes unpredictable because we follow God's Spirit rather than a set program.

You can expect to hear prayer - we pray for one another, our community, and our world.

You can expect to sing or listen - we like to sing, but some prefer to listen, that's OK.

You can expect a few warm hand shakes and not feel pressured - we want you to feel free to visit, have a cup of coffee, and discover a wonderful Christian connection.

You can expect to commune with God - we listen to God in many ways: through singing, our pastor's sermons, our silence, and our prayer.

Come experience our welcome and our worship of God in Christ.